Welcome to the site of “MosHimGrup”!

We are engaged in wholesale of boron products to industrial enterprises. “MosHimGrup” is building long-term business relationships with companies consuming boron products and we are always ready to discuss the different options to supply you with our raw materials.

With us you will no longer depend on the world situation!

Geopolitical situation in the world is unpredictable, any stress is inevitably reflected on the prospects of trade cooperation with foreign countries. Russian industries have to rely primarily on products manufactured in our country. Today “MosHimGrup” promotes a policy of import substitution: we sell chemical products produced by local “Mining and Chemical Company Bor”. This plant is ranked third company in the world that produces boron products exploring the largest field in Southeast Asia. “MosHimGrup” is its official distributor. We offer a full line of boron products from this manufacturer:

  • boric acid of various grades;
  • boric anhydride;
  • calcium borate;
  • concentrate datolite.

All of these products meet state standards and can be used in metallurgical, chemical and other industries. Production of fertilizers, glass, enamel and welding fluxes are just a few ways to use boron-containing products.

We guarantee impeccable quality and low prices!

If you are interested in wholesale of high-quality chemical products at the lowest cost, we are always ready to provide it to you! Energy saving efficiency, sustainable use of the resources and optimization of all processes in the company make minimal selling prices of quality products of “Mining and Chemical Company Bor”. Perfect logistics of “MosHimGrup” allows us to save on shipping and offer the most favorable conditions to end users!